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Planning your wedding day can seem like a daunting task.  At St. Ambrose, we use the book “Together for Life” (sixth edition) to help walk you through the process.  It has a section on “Frequently Asked Questions,” and lists all the music and readings from which you may choose.  It also has a section with ideas and tips for planning your Catholic wedding, resources and enrichment opportunities to help strengthen your marriage, and a Catholic wedding planning checklist with a timeline and tasks.

This information is available online, by clicking  You will also fill out a selection form to  record your choices.   The form is available  by clicking on form.   We encourage you to fill out the form online and submit it to the office.  You may print out a copy (Control+shift+P) of the form and keep it for your records, and be sure to bring a copy when you come to visit with Fr. Andrzej.