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Our Pastor, Fr. Andrzej Skrzypiec

(Father Andrew)


Fr. Andrzej was born on September 20, 1955 in Pszczyna, Poland, as a first child of Teresa and Herbert Skrzypiec. He was blessed with two siblings: a brother five years younger, Adam; and a sister eight years younger, Gabriela. He completed his grade school and high school education in his home town of Pszczyna.

In 1974, Fr. Andrzej moved to Krakow to study at the Papal Academy of Theology, and receive the seminary formation.

Drafted into the Polish army, he was forced to interrupt studies for two years. He successfully survived  the army’s attempts at communist indoctrination, and returned to theological studies and formation in 1976.

Fr. Andrzej graduated with a master’s degree in moral theology; and was ordained a priest on April 8, 1982, for the Archdiocese of Katowice in Poland.  He served in several parishes as an Associate Pastor before accepting an assignment to do pastoral ministry for Polish speaking Catholics who emigrated to the US.

He arrived in Salt Lake City on December 23, 1989, with the assignment as Associate Pastor for the Cathedral of the Madeleine. Fr. Andrzej served at the post and taught moral theology classes at Judge Memorial High School for one year.

In 1991, he was assigned by Bishop Weigand as pastor of St. Anthony’s Parish in Helper. He served there until his next assignment to the parish of Our Lady of Lourdes in Magna, in August, 1996.

After thirteen years in Magna, Fr. Andrzej was appointed by Bishop John C. Wester as a pastor of St. Ambrose Parish, and administrator of J.E. Cosgriff School in Salt Lake City.