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Large pipe organs are rare, due both to cost and structural requirements.  The Roper Memorial Pipe Organ here at St. Ambrose is the fifth largest is the state, and was made possible by a generous gift from the family of George and Ada Roper, contributions  from members of St. Ambrose, and major support from the surrounding ecumenical community, including the Deseret Foundation.

organ pipes

The new organ is actually a marriage of the original organ in the church with a majority of pipes and windchests purchased from St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral when they commissioned their new instrument.



Combining the components from St. Mark’s and the original organ at St. Ambrose to create a new and inspiring instrument was a monumental task, which was completed over a period of almost a year by Michael Bigelow, .


If you would like more information about this instrument, please contact Christopher Huntzinger at 801-209-3387.

St. Ambrose Parish would like to thank Barry Martak for the organ photography.  For information about his photographs, or to purchase copies of the photos, please click here.