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St. Ambrose has purchased a parish subscription to Formed!


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Go to and set up your account as a parishioner. You’ll have access to the entire contents of the Formed website:  free, downloadable programs, movies, CDs, and books.

  • Programs  such as Symbolon, The Catholic Faith Explained; Beloved, Finding Happiness in Marriage; and many more subjects covering faith formation, Catechesis, evangelization, and youth groups.

  • Free movies such as John Paul II; The Reluctant Saint; and Padre Pio, Miracle Saint.

  • Listen to CDs such as Anger and Forgiveness, Answering Atheism, and The Lamb’s Supper

  • Read books such as Boys to Men, the Transforming Power of Faith, and Joan of Arc.

Click to check out the entire website!

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Call the Parish Office (801-485-5610)  to get your access code, and set up your personal account today!