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1. Confirmation should be a time in each Christian’s life when they have the desire, the knowledge, and the faith to make a personal decision to seek this sacrament and take responsibility for continuing their spiritual formation. Therefore, persons wishing to receive Confirmation should be in the eighth grade or older.

2. Any student wishing to participate in our Confirmation Program must have been enrolled in a Catholic School, or Religious Education Classes the previous year. If a candidate has missed the required religious education, the reception of the sacrament may be delayed for one year or until the instruction has been received.

3. Parents and sponsors of both parochial and public school students must be involved in the preparation of their sons/daughters for Confirmation. To help them in this responsibility, the Director of Religious Education will see that a sacramental preparation program to include parents is presented each year.

4. Special instruction for the Sacrament of Confirmation will be provided and all candidates are expected to attend all classes. There are four comprehensive components that candidates will explore during sacramental preparation classes:
Liturgical: The candidate will be expected to participate weekly in the celebration of the Eucharist. If the candidate is not prepared to attend Mass, then he/she should seriously question their readiness for the sacrament.
Ministerial: The candidate is encouraged to perform Christian Service in the community of St. Ambrose Parish. (examples: serve at Sunday Coffees, provide child care for small faith-sharing groups, serve as a liturgical minister, etc…) The candidate is being fully initiated into our community, and the community is fully accepting the candidate as a member. This Christian Service will allow the candidate to have some interaction with our Parish community beforehand.
Spiritual: The candidate should grow in his/her prayer life and deepen their awareness of God. The program will offer many different examples of prayer. Through these examples the candidate should find a style of prayer that suits him/her. The candidate will also go on a retreat in preparation for the sacrament. The retreat will be scheduled close to the day the Rite will be celebrated, and that date is entirely up to the Bishop. When he tells us, we will tell you.
Educational: We would prefer that you have completed eight years of Religious Education prior to receiving the Sacrament. The minimum requirement is that they have prepared for and received 1st Communion and have attended Religious Education the previous year.

5. At a time in accordance with the Bishop’s schedule, one solemn group Confirmation will take place. This group experience will help to impress upon the candidates, sponsors, and families the importance of the social aspect of the Sacrament of Confirmation, as well as being a witness to the parish at large.

Confirmation Calendar 2015-16