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Fr. Rowland Nwokocha comes from a family of five children. Born on January, 14, 1970 to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Columba Nwokocha in Obodo-Ahiara, Imo State Nigeria.  Having completed my primary school education, I entered the junior seminary at the age of 12.  I had 6 years secondary education in our minor seminary and then was sent to the major seminary to study philosophy.  I completed successfully with a Bachelors degree in Philosophy after which I was sent to teach in the minor seminary for one year.  In October, 1993 I was sent to the Major seminary again to study Theology and I graduated successfully with a Bachelors degreee in Theology.  I was ordained a priest in August 2, 1997 for the Catholic Diocese of Okigwe, Nigeria.

From 1997 – 2010 I served in different capacities in my home diocese as:  Pastor, Principal and Chaplain.  In 2010, I was sent for advanced studies to US to study Bioethics.  I graduated with a Masters Degree in Bioethics from Loyola Mary Mount University in California.  I had also 1 year training in Clinical Pastoral Education.  Having completed my studies, the Diocese of Salt Lake through the permission of my bishop has assigned me for ministry as Priest Chaplain in their hospitals as well as Associate pastor at St. Ambrose Church.